Fundations Program
Fundations Resources



 Please check out the Fundations Resources (in the column on the left). You can print these resources to keep at home. 

"Fundations" provides children of varying learning abilities with a foundation for reading and spelling.  Our students participate in "Fundations" lessons daily that include these activities!

  • Letter formation using sky writing, dry erase boards, notebooks, and finger tracing.

  • Fluency drills for sounds, real words, nonsense words, trick words, phrases and stories allow students to connect the word with its meaning, and develop automaticity, phrasing, and expression.

  • Alphabet sequencing with sound cards or Magnetic Building Board with alphabetic overlay and phoneme tiles.

  • Blending and segmenting sounds with the Wilson finger tapping technique.

  • Teachers model with “Echo” the owl puppet directing students to repeat sounds, words, and sentences.

  • Sound drill with Echo the Owl and Large or Standard Sound Cards.

  • Echo/Find Letters and Words using the Magnetic Letter and Building Boards and phoneme tiles.

  • Dictation for sounds, words, and sentences using the dry erase board and composition books.

  • Trick words (high-frequency non-phonetic words) using sky writing, gel boards, composition books, flashcards, and notebooks.

  • Word of the Day activity reviews word structure and develops vocabulary using sound cards, index cards, and Vocabulary section of the notebook.

  • Word Talk, Word Play and Make it Fun are variable lesson activities using the manipulatives to reinforce unit concepts or review previously taught concepts.

  • Storytime involves reading and writing activities, including using stories with controlled text.

  • Look for Home Support Packet material that encourage parental involvement!